I’m a creative director currently open for work. Since I was a young kid working —or as other people might call it: doing child labour —on our family farm where we had a little shop, I’ve been interested in talking to customers, empathising with them, and understanding their needs, and bringing them joy with cool creative design and ideas.

That was really formative for my work in the advertising industry. There I really learned how to come up with great ideas that satisfy the needs of lots of different stakeholders. It taught me to be flexible, receptive of criticism, and how to work as and lead a team.

I’m good at presenting my work in an engaging way. I’ve got a can-do attitude, and I’m building a young and diverse team at a company that makes a positive contribution to the world.

To me, a user-centric approach isn’t just something that has to do with UX design. It applies to any campaign. Great design is about empathising with your users. Though it sounds contradictory, for empathy, you need data. It means having the data to back up your design and strategic decisions with who your target group is, their fears, their hopes, their dreams.

Though it may sound cliche, I think diversity is the mother of all ideas. When everyone in your team has a similar, white, Eurocentric middle-class background, you’ll struggle to come up with fresh ideas.

Before moving to Berlin, I lived in China, Belgium, the Netherlands and Taiwan. These different cultural experiences were super important in helping me understand human motivations.

The farm I grew up on is still operational. It’s now a pick-your-own-fruit farm. In my spare time I manage the digital and social as well as the design aspects of the farm.

Besides that, I enjoy painting, drawing, and creating illustrations. Check out some of my other work on my Dribbble profile.