Azena – Expo Branding

welcome to azena city

Azena asked us to create a unique design for their expo booth to showcase their product’s use cases. Our solution was to create an entire city as a storytelling stage.

The open camera app marketplace that Azena provides has a wide range of applications. From monitoring how many people are waiting at the checkout, to improving safety in public transport spaces to watching for the tell-tale signs of smoke from a starting forest fire. Our design allows us to tell all these small stories in one large collage.

creative direction
Expo design

The Work

Expo booth wall layout
bringing flat design icons into a 2.5d world
video screen still – fall detection
video screen still – fire detection

3D Renderings

visualising different applications
overview graphic
getting a feel for space and layout

Challenges & Learnings

  • Creating a continuous design for such a large space.
  • Working with a corporate design that’s still in flux.
  • Crafting the messaging to fit a wide variety of target groups.
  • Pandemic-era restrictions.