Fruit farm identity

from maps to ux to juice labels

FrankenFruit is my family’s pick-your-own fruit farm. I’m responsible for everything that has to do with digital and design, from the initial idea to production.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been working on my family’s fruit farm. Nowadays, I manage the design, build out our website, run Meta ad campaigns, create everything from product labels to the farm map. It’s a little bit like a playground where I can try out new things and see what works, which provides me with valuable direct feedback from our customers.

creative direction
User Experience

The Work

location map
The map is key to customers finding their way around the farm and creating a "sense of place".
map details
ux research results

One of pain points that came out of the research was that visitors often couldn’t find the products they wanted, or they were unsure what they cost. People generally don’t want to be a burden so we needed a bold way to present them with the information they need across multiple touch-points.

information touch-points
Clear and bold pricing and product availability information.
Online availability information to help people plan their visit.
Over 400 of these little squares help label the different products.
A simple folder contains the basic rules, and explanation, and the map.

Products and merch

Challenges & Learnings

  • Creating a consistent yet evolving design over many years.
  • Cultivating a hip image, avoiding a dusty rustic farm shop look.
  • Working with extreme budget restraints.
  • Creating simple, reusable systems for maximum efficiency.