Jojo and Hellientje

Jojo and Hellientje

the search for the magical seeds

A kid with two mommies will inevitably ask who his dad is. I wrote and illustrated this children’s story as the first step to explaining this.

Born from personal experience, this story aims to normalise the question the child will one day ask. Jojo and Hellientje want to have a baby together, like a daddy and a mommy. But they’re two mommies. If they want to have a baby together, they’ll need some help. This story follows their adventure as they search for the magical seeds.


Meet the characters

Hellientje, Jojo, Catherine and Paul

Story pages

Curious for more?

I’m currently speaking to a publisher to edit the story and hopefully, if all goes well, it should be available in the coming months.

Challenges & Learnings

  • Writing a clear and concise storyline
  • Designing clearly identifiable characters
  • Creating unique locations that have character