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Haptotherapy is a form of therapy where touch and physical experience takes center stage. How do you explain something that can only be experienced?

A lot of therapists focus on what happens in your brain. You talk, and talk, and talk, hoping to get to the root of the problem. But that kind of therapy pays little attention to the experience of feeling and what is happening inside the body. Haptotherapy helps ground your mental state inside your body. It can also help develop empathy by letting you physically experience what someone else is feeling.

Frontend development
Backend development
UX research
UX design

User research and experience design

After extensive chats with the client to understand what haptotherapy is, who her clients are, and what their needs are, I started sketching out some ideas. We realised that not only does she need a redesign, she also needed to restructure and clarify her offer, the information structure, and reduce redundancies on the page.

A few wireframes

Design & Illustrations

Besides the user experience, the page also needed a redesign. To differentiate from other forms of therapy, the idea was to use a quirky, humorous, and light tone of voice. We developed illustrations to reflect the needs of different target groups.

some of the illustrations

UI Design

Each target group got their own illustrations and was assigned a specific colour. I designed each type of page for three different breakpoints.

some of the designs

Building the page

As the page was already set up to use Elementor, I taught myself how to use it. There were some odd bugs, however, that needed fixing. Even though Elementor is super easy to use, some things just felt remarkably unmodern. Mostly, this could be done through CSS. A few of the source .php files needed changing. I’m not the strongest coder in PHP, but using ChatGPT I quickly got the results I wanted.

As soon as the final copywriting is done, the page is scheduled to go live.

Challenges & Learnings

  • Understanding the service
  • Bugfixing in Elementor
  • Limited project budget (approx 30 hours)