Midnight Kitchen Talks

a nightly culinary journey with Siemens

Under the cover of darkness we talked to 3 chefs in their restaurants, after their shift was over, taking photographs and interviewing them.

Aesthetically, the night theme is a good fit for a brand like Siemens as their products often use deep blacks and stainless steel. They show the life of a chef from a different angle. The pictures accompanied editorials in Siemens Home Appliances brochures and interviews on their social media channels.

art direction
set direction
social media
Wolfgang Hildebrand

The Pics

Sophia Rudolph, head chef, berlin
jos grootscholten, head chef, rotterdam
Nicolas paciello, pastry chef, paris

Challenges & Learnings

  • Working in cramped conditions. Tight space, tight timings.
  • Working at night.
  • Working with Siemens’ tight photography guidelines.