Make your vision come true

TRUMPF wanted to make a splash with their new line of lasers: the TRUMPF TruFiber Series. We gave them something they had never done before.

Fiber lasers are incredibly versatile. With them, you can weld and cut more or less anything you can imagine. This is what we wanted to communicate with this campaign. We wanted to kickstart the imagination of our B2B target audience. At the same time we wanted to solve another challenge; how do you emotionalize a machine that just sits in a machine hall?

Creative direction
Product Stills

The Work

TRUMPF TruFiber S Animation
Storyboard illustrations
Work-in-progress shots
product still of one of the products in the series
product still of one of the products in the series
sketches on the configuration of future images

Challenges & Learnings

  • Emotionalizing a product that is effectively not mobile.
  • Combining a full CGI world with a real-world actor.
  • For the stills: Creating a scalable solution to work across 20 plus planned products.